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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Dexter Pittman To Join Bulls?

Will Dexter Pittman be lucky #13? That is...the 13th man on the Bulls 2013 roster? Looks like it's being reported that Dexter Pittman has turned down a job in Italy to join the Bulls training camp. NOT exactly the Chicago Bulls Rumor we have been jones-ing for...but it's "something" Bulls fans.

There's really not a ton you need to know about Dexter, outside of it being a fine show about an engaging serial killer and wrapping up its final season this year on Showtime....

A former second round pick of the Miami Heat out of the University of Texas, Pittman spent just a smidgeon over two years on the Heat bench, only seeing the floor 41 times and averaging 7 minutes a game. His lifetime averages are a whopping 2 pts and less than 2 rebounds. Essentially, Scalabrine can get you that behind a desk in the studio.
Dexter Pittman new Chicago Bulls training camp invite
Photo By Aaron Vazquez
Something to consider...for a Heat team that has been SO desperate for center help that they finally succumbed to Greg can't expect much more out of Pittman than a warm body in a Men's Warehouse suit...and that's IF he makes it out of training camp. Remember, this was someone who couldn't supplant JOEL(Jo-El) ANTHONY from the starting Heat center spot a few years ago. Right...

I will say 6'11 and 285 lbs...he certainly is that third center, size-wise, but then again so is Chewbacca, and you don't see Chewy getting a Bulls training camp invite, do you?

Chicago Bulls have not offered roster spot to Chewbacca yet
Photo by Gene Duncan
I was hoping for someone who could bump Nazr Mohammed to third in the Center rotation....someone who could really spell Joakim Noah on a regular basis and get his minutes down

This signing does NOT accomplish that, unless the Bulls see something in Pittman that the Heat could never figure out. Probably not the case though, as the Memphis Grizzlies had him for all of seven games last year..and that was enough for them to cut him loose. 

He's still just 25 years of age, and there clearly is nothing at risk with a training camp invite. He IS the right maybe Thibs can make something out of him.

Dexter Pittman invited to the Chicago Bulls training camp
Photo Courtesy of The West Palm Beach Post

And hey...he would bring something to the Bulls that only one other roster member can claim....a championship ring. I'd find it rather chuckle-worthy if the only two guys on the Bulls roster with championship rings are Nazr "The Shove" Mohammed and Dexter Pittman.

Lets just hope THIS Dexter's career finale doesn't come sooner than the Showtime series. Stay tuned for more Chicago Bulls News my fellow Bulls Fans!

Will this be the suit Dexter Pittman wears on the Chicago Bulls bench?
Photo by Aaron Vazquez
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