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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Any Other Free Agents Make Sense?

We're about a month out until the Chicago Bulls kick off training camp, and the only real question right now is:

A. Were they REALLY serious about Dexter Pittman?!?!
B. Can we get a do over?

Well....I have a third question for you now. Do you really want a do over?

Senior NBA Writer Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld came out with a piece last night about what's left on the free agent market, and to use terminology from my single/bar scene days "There's not a lot hotties in there". I've actually succumbed to likening this free agent list to "Leftover Meatloaf".

Go check out my ChicagoBullsBeat Fanpost today on Blog-a-Bull,  where I take a quick look at those remaining free agents and discuss which, if any, make sense for the Bulls.

More Chicago Bulls News and analysis as the week continues my fellow Bulls Fans.

Have a great day out there!


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